Must Read – Zimbos “bash” Mthuli Ncube for asking them to donate towards Covid19 national fund

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On Monday Aril 13 2020, Finance Minister ,Mthuli Ncube took it to twitter where he appealed for donations from Zimbabweans towards the Covid19 fight.

However, most responses picked by Humanitarian Post shows that the majority of the respondents asked him to put to use the surplus realised from the 2% tax.Others criticised his government for being untrustworthy.

Below are some of the responses Ncube received;

 @Dickl- My guy you were asked on Al jazeera if Zimbabwe was well equipped to face the virus ukati Ehe our health facilities ready for it! So please don’t ask for contributions.

@ dialsquare –When ED want to hire jet the money will be readily available, now it’s national disaster you want our monetary contribution. Whom do you want to fool here. You are dangerous to Zimbabwe.

@Phil-Fight how when your ministry hasn’t released a penny towards the pandemic,we relying on donations where is the surplus…..all you know is releasing funds for command agriculture,jets and corrupt initiatives.Pathetic

@AdmireMaticha –. Citizens are worried about accountability. How much has government set aside before donations?

@Joelgonda -Sell your government range rovers and toyota hiluxes for usd, buy cheaper smallers models.The excess profit put it towards COVID 19!

@Prosper Mwedzi@ZimTreasury must be the most useless finance ministry in the world. When treasuries from all over the world are providing support to individuals and businesses to help the economy this treasury is asking the public to bail it out!

@Lewis Dzivike -Can’t we channel the budget which was set aside for independence celebrations to fight Covid-19?

@ Lawrence Mahara -what gaurantee is thr tht the funds wont be used to hire a plane from Dubai to take us to Botswana?

@Clifton Mako – Your lack of transparency hinders this kind of effort, a lot of people don’t trust how you handle donations because you don’t publicly account for them. I remember you set up a crowdfund for cholera but never accounted for any donations or even tell us how much was raised.

@ Felix Makaose -Bloody thieves, you have been looting taxpayers money through Command Agriculture and the 2% tax on electronic transactions use that money, have you not looted enough?

@Denford Halimani -Upright People & Donors cannot contribute a penny when your Govt spends nearly a 100 million buying military equipment in peacetime, routinely buys top of the range vehicles for various boards of State entities, cannot account for Command Agric funds. The list is inexhaustible.

@Nodumo Nyathi- Where is the excess you have been preaching about kanti? You and Gukurahundist @edmnangagwa been preaching excess or more funds what what..use those

@nyasha charuka- how are you doing Mr Surplus, Surplus yamaireva hapasiripo painofanira kushanda here, nema 2% amuri kubata tiri paLockdown kudai.

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