Mnangagwa set to resurrect ‘Border Gezi’ training in Zanu-PF’s stronghold of UMP

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is expected to reintroduce the notorious Border Gezi youth training in the ruling party’s stronghold of Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe (UMP) , the Youth Empowerment Ministry has revealed.

The event will see plans which the the relevant Ministry has been working on over the last months reaching fruition.

Introduced at the turn of the millenium and later disbanded , the Border Gezi youth service traing left lasting impressions on the country’s citizens following reports on how such youths terorised communities on behalf of some ruling party politicians.

However, the government says it has now rebranded the program into the National Youth Service with a focus on youth development and empowerment to enable the younger generation to contribute meaningfully to the economy.

Accordingly, the Youth Empowerment Ministry announced that President Mnangagwa will next week preside over the Youth Empowerment Forum will run under the theme , Empower Youths; Secure the Future and thereafter proceed to launch the rebranded NYS.

“It is in light of the above that the Ministry of Youth Empowerment Development and Vocational Training will host a Youth Empowerment Forum under the theme, ‘Empower Youth,Secure the Future as well as launch youth empowerment projects at the Vocational Training Centre and rebranded National Youth Service in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, Mashonaland East Province.

“This is an area relatively isolated and marginalised from the main stream national economic hubs such as cities and towns,” said the ministry.

During the launch of the programme, youths will get a platform to engage the President on strategies to unlock socio-economic opportunities.

“Youths will also engage policy makers in key sectors of the economy to harness the youth dividend towards achievement of Vision 2030.Expected outcomes of the event include having empowered youths with increased socio-economic participation,” the Ministry added.

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