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‘Mnangagwa must discipline Chinese investors’- Unions

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LABOUR unions have approached President Emmerson Mnangagwa begging him to urgently rein in Chinese investors’ sustained record of inhumane labour practices.

Speaking soon after a three and half hours long meeting with Mnangagwa Tuesday, Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions (ZFTU) secretary general, Kenias Shamuyarira said he pleaded for stiffer measures on investors coming from Asia’s most influential economy.

“The other issue we discussed concerns the Chinese investors. They are not prepared to work with Zimbabweans. They are not ready for a fair deal on their investments. They come here and dehumanize workers.

“They corrode them and they don’t abide by the laws of the land. They don’t even respect the languages and culture of the people. They just do as they wish,” he said.

The once pro-government policy perceived trade unionist’s utterances appear to indicate a major climb down towards pro -workers issues approach.

He crushed the Southern Africa’s nation “all weather friend” and accused government of shielding the abuses.

“In many cases, the Chinese don’t even want to pay and they always hide behind the bipartite arrangements of government to government which I do not think it’s something that can be celebrated in this day and age.

“We have very clear laws. Why should we go back to modern slavery?

“We told the President that these Chinese are not just doing this on their own as they are being assisted by our own leaders in high offices. These are cartels at work, particularly the ones from the securocrats,” said Shamuyarira.

However, the ZFTU leader said Mnangagwa was very attentive to his requests and tasked Deputy Labour  Minister, Lovemore Matuke to look into the matter.

“He also tasked labour unions  to compile hard evidence  on the illicit practices,” he added.     

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