Mnangagwa misrule escalating illegal migration to SA -MDC-Alliance

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MDC-Alliance has singled out President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bad policies for the current carnage at Beitbridge border post prompting thousands of undocumented Zimbabweans to cross into South Africa in search for a better life.

To date over 89 000 Zimbabwean illegal immigrants have been arrested in their futile attempt to go back to South Africa after coming for the festive holidays.

This follows the decions by neighboring South African authorities to tighten the lid and block  Zimbabweans from entering the country.

In a statement the MDC Alliance National Spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere hinted that resolving the political impasse back home is the only way forward.

“We call for an urgent resolution to the crisis at the border post. However, as we have often stated, to focus only on the situation at Beitbridge would be to merely deal with symptoms of a bigger problem,” Mahere said

Dhe underscored that the crisis of governance underwritten by a political process that is contaminated by illegitimacy back home is chief among the causes highlighting the  importance to attend to the bigger problem otherwise the situation at Beitbridge will be repeated.

“The forced migration crisis at the Beitbridge border is a manifestation of a long-standing crisis of governance in Zimbabwe. While people move from country to country throughout the world, the Zimbabwe-South Africa migration is driven largely by chronic unemployment and extreme poverty in Zimbabwe which are directly connected to the illegitimacy of Mr Mnangagwa’s regime,” she added.

“Zanu PF’s failure in governance is why the huge transnational flows of people between South Africa are made up almost exclusively for Zimbabweans. This one-way traffic is a reminder that the problem is on our side of the border and unless this is resolved, it will escalate in the coming years.

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