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Mhishi’s new book reminds lawyers to be ethical servants of justice

By Staff Reporter

A must read manuscript written by top barrister Lloyd Mhishi makes a clarion call for lawyers to return to the basics of resorting to the profession’s ethical code as the guiding principle.

Lloyd Mhishi

The 286 paged book titled, “Being the Best Lawyer”   is not a product of bookish research but a pragmatic account from the author’s experiences which span over a three decades long period.

It provides a classic step flashback of the legal terrain in the country and its evolution on the back of the country historic turning points which also impacted on the economy.

But through the contrasting developments, Mhishi finds holding on to ethics as one of the cardinal rules of the legal profession which every lawyer ought to uphold.

“The values are about being upright .About the understanding that our profession is bound by certain rules and ethics. It is about choosing right over wrong. Being content with what you have .It is about service to humanity It is about being truthful and serving the interests the of justice,” part of the manuscript reads.

The book further notes that the legal profession is about professional independence and impartiality, about representing your clients without fear or favour .It boldly underscores that Law is about being honest, respectful and abiding by the law.

“The true and successful among us abide by these values. When you are a lawyer to a client, you are an agent of the client .You are not his alter ego nor himself /itself. Everything you do is deemed to have been by the client and not by you. You are like a go between and an intermediary.

“Any illegality or unprofessionalism committed by the lawyer in the course of representing his client cannot be excused on the grounds that he is merely working for a client or that he is an agent of the client,” a part in the book reads.

Mhishi says the lawyer is not the client’s servant or mouthpiece to do or to say whatever the client wants, right or wrong. The lawyer is an independent contractor with a duty to guide the client towards Justice and lawfulness.

The manuscript notes that the good lawyer does not follow the client sheepishly or slavishly.

“Lawyers must treat each other with respect. This profession will work best if legal practitioners work together and not against each other.

“They must be honest and loyal to each other within the parameters of their responsibilities If you are to be a good lawyer you must you must be a man or woman of our word .You must strive to keep your promises,” the book says.

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