Kadoma girl (10) vanishes in a suspected crocodile attack

By Mash West Contributor

IN a heartbreaking development, a Kadoma family has pleaded for help after almost one week since their 10 years old vanished into thin air in a suspected crocodile attack.

Explaining the ordeal to The Humanitarian Post, Bangani Banda who is grandfather to the missing minor, Pyanna Banda said the painful event took place on the 15th of November when the minor left home in the company of a friend as they headed to take a bath along Muzvezve River.

The family lives in the Mhishi area which is along the road to Brompton Mine in Kadoma District, Mashonaland West .

“At that time we also left home in the company of my wife as we went to the Muzozo area to look for vegetables. Upon our return we just thought that Piana was around the homestead.

“We received the shock of our lives when we saw the girl she had left home come to inform us that she had seen a crocodile pulling away my granddaughter into the river,” he said.

Banda said he immediately proceeded to report the matter at Dzete Police Base the following Tuesday where he was immediately told to file the report with Battlefields Police Station before waiting up to Friday when the Zimbabwe Republic Police Sub Aqua division was dispatched for a body search.

“What pained me the most was to be told by the search team that there were no prospects to locate the girl’s remains as there were no signs of a crocodile attack around the place where the incident took place.

“Despite being assured by the police that they will continue investigating the matter. We cannot find sleep as a family because there is no closure on the matter. Every day we are waking up to continue searching around the community but to no avail,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Mashonaland West police spokesperson, Inspector Margaret Chitove neither confirmed nor denied the development.

“An update on the matter is yet to be filed to my office. I will therefore get hold of you as soon as possible,” she said.

The minor’s relatives can be contacted on +26377769798/ 0783657569.

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