Interview: Gemma Griffiths, Takura charm States music star

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UNITED States singer Aimee Purple Rain says African music resonates with her on so many levels. She has expressed her love for hip-hop singer Takura and Soul artiste Gemma Griffiths’s music.

Aimee Purple Rain is easily one of the most versatile musicians. She is causing massive waves in the United States.

Aimee is a lyrical mastermind who has collaborated with some of the biggest artistes and one of her recent big collaborations was with the iconic Diamond ATL from the legendary Crime Mob crew.

She is well-known for RnB, hip-hop and soul music. NewsDay’s Life & Style United States-based correspondent Charles Myambo (ND) caught up with Aimee (APR) below are excerpts from the interview.

ND: At what point did you realise that you were destined to be a superstar and how did you start working towards that?

APR: I have always been a writer, started with poetry at the age of seven to eight. Music comforts me and is therapeutic.

ND: You are one of those people who seems to be gifted in everything. You are gifted in rapping, singing, dancing, public speaking, content creation and all this on top of being a healthcare professional. How on earth do you balance your various tasks which are very demanding?

APR: Balancing everything can be difficult, but my career requires great time management skills. With everything I do, I always make sure I find time to rest.

ND: Most high achievers tend to have a chip on their shoulder and face serious difficulties while rising. Do you remember all the people who doubted or believed in you? What effect did these people have on you?

APR: Many still doubt or sometimes make negative comments, but I don’t listen. I am doing this for myself and following my passion in writing and expressing emotions on a beat. When you do what you love, nothing else matters.

ND: You have worked, performed, collaborated and met with some of the biggest musicians alive. Is there one encounter or a number of encounters that you cherish the most?

APR: My favourite collaboration or encounter was with Jase from Soul For Real in Atlanta, it caught me off guard and I was very humbled by it as well as his wife.

Amazing people. His song Candy Rain is still in my playlist. I also have collaborated with Diamond ATL, who is a former member of the Crime Mob crew. I have learned a lot from her and she does not even know it.

ND: What is the inspiration behind the name Purple-Rain? Is it something you came up with and if so, how?

APR: My name is a combination of my favourite colour Purple and Rainey. My last name is shortened. I have been called Purple Rain since 2011.

ND: What message do you have for young aspiring musicians who are based in Africa especially in Zimbabwe?  On the same token, how do you feel about Zimbabwean musicians like Gemma Griffiths, Anita Jaxson, Holy Ten, Winky D, Jah Prayzah, Takura and Freeman?

APR: African music resonates with me on so many levels, the sounds and vibe are like no other. My advice is to always keep going. If it brings you happiness, keep doing it.

Follow your passion and use your voice to make a difference. I absolutely love Takura and Gemma.

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