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Civil servants salary negotiators buy into govt offer

By Staff Writer

DESPITE a month long fight with the government to increase salaries to the 2018 thresholds of US$540, civil servants salary negotiators have penned an agreement with the employer settling for the initial offer which is far below the demanded amount.

In a communique Monday, the Public Service Commission  confirmed that the civil servants negotiators, Apex Council agreed to settle  for government’s sticking offer

The PSC said the council on behalf of public service workers unions and government representatives , met the National Negotiation Council and where they negotiated and signed an agreement which provides the following;

A 20% review for on gross emoluments backdated to January 1 2022 and to be paid February 2022 pay date .

Continuation of US$75 Covid19 allowance for civil servants payable in hard currency  with effect from January 1 2022.

Introduction of US$100 salary to be paid in hard currency with effect from March 1 2022.This is oer and above the Zim$ salary bringing the US$ monthly pay component to US$175, with effect from March 1 2022.

Introduction of a housing loan guarantee scheme for home ownership for all civil servants .

Payment of school fees for every teaching family for up to three children at a maximum of $20 000 per child per term.

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