Chimombe,Mpofu not attending ZACC interviews

By Staff Writer

CORRUPTION accused Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu have notified the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission that they are not in a position to attend the interviews.

They duo came under spotlight following audio leaks in which Wicknell Chivayo allegedly laid bare the dirty corrupt dealings the trio were involved in.

In a letter dated June 17 addressed to ZACC, the duo’s lawyers ,Antonio and Dzvetero Legal Practitioners said Chimombe and Mpofu were currently out of the country,but pledged to fully cooperate with investigations on their return.

We act for and on behalf of Messrs ,Moses Mpofu and Mike Chimombe , who have been made aware of press releases and or advertisements in various media outlets ,including print and electronic media, indicating your interest in interviewing them as part of an ongoing investigation.

Our clients are currently out of the country and will not be able to attend any interviews until their return to Zimbabwe.However, they are willing to cooperate fully with the investigations and are available to attend any interviews upon their return .

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