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Chebundo says Kwekwe Central belongs to Zanu-pf

By Staff Writer

FORMER MDC Kwekwe Central legislator Blessing Chebundo, who famously trounced current President Emmerson Mnangagwa during the 2000 parliamentary election, has vowed to help Zanu PF reclaim the seat.

Mnangagwa and Chebundo squared up against each other with the latter causing a monumental upset, pushing the feared politician to an obscure Chrimhanzu-Zibagwe constituency which was created during the 2007 deelimitation exercise. 

The ruling party however won the seat back in 2013 when the late Masango Matambanadzo claimed it.

He was however kicked out of the party and went on to retain the seat in the 2018 general election under a party called National Patriotic Front, holding on to it until his death due to suspected poisoning in 2020.

Chebundo, a long-time opposition darling, made a dramatic political summersault last year when he dumped the MDC Alliance and joined Zanu PF.

He now says he is ready to fight for the ruling party to regain the seat and is campaigning vigorously for its candidate John Mapurazi.

“We are going to take the seat back to Zanu-PF,” he declared.

“I am declaring that Kwekwe Central is a Zanu-PF seat and it is g to be won by Zanu-PF in the upcoming by-elections. There is nothing in the opposition now. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is the only future for this country. Everyone can see that the president is rebuilding our country. Even Chamisa has ditched the MDC-Alliance because there is nothing. He has only made a mistake of not coming back home,” he said.

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