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Chamisa impressed by SA’s IEC outstanding credibility

By Staff Writer

OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa says his heart has been moved by the show of credibility and professionalism exhibited by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in handling South Africa’s elections business ahead of the May 29 polls.

The trailblazing politician said the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) which he has been criticising for its failure to independently and fairly run the previous election must learn from IEC’s transparency and accountability.

“South Africa setting a great example. Over the years, I have closely observed how elections are conducted across the continent. While no institution is 100% perfect, I commend the independence, extent of integrity and level of professionalism exhibited by the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa during this election cycle thus fa
“The standard set has been fantastic, especially the transparency, accountability and approachability of the IEC of South Africa.

“The political and election environment in South Africa has been a template for integrity and fairness to be emulated by all others elsewhere, especially the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa and his former party the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) last year failed to push for electoral reforms to allow diaspora voting, something which has been done in South Africa.

“I am impressed by how South Africa conducted the voting process for citizens in the diaspora displaying excellence and global best practices.

“Holding credible, unrigged, legitimate and undisputed elections is a key tenet and facet of a new Africa.

“The IEC SA has provided an excellent template and source of inspiration giving valuable lessons for election management bodies elsewhere, particularly in Zimbabwe,” Chamisa added.

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