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Chamisa faces lawsuit for “hijacking” CCC name

Dylan Murambgi /Political Correspondent

CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa will soon be dragged to the courts if he does not abandon the CCC brand as a matter of urgency, a rival political party leader has threatened. A letter dated January 28 2022 written the Zimbabwe Elections Commission (ZEC) boss Utolie Silaigwana  by the Citizens Convergence for Change president, Farai Zhou urged the former to urgently look into the matter or risk facing the consequences.

“The time for suing ZEC will come when you start fiddling with things to deny voters their choice, please do not invite us to start suing you now.

“Kindly liase with this political party and agree a different abbreviation for them to use , which is not ours.Absent confirmation that you will heed this warning, Our lawyers will in fact file papers suing both ZEC and this usurper and ask for costs on the punitive scale,” the party leader said.

Zhou questioned why the new political party is being referred to as Citizens Coalition for Change in press statements and using the abbreviation CCC saying such duplications may result in confusing the voters

The complainant said “it is beyond question and that cannot be” , and “you cannot accept a new political party that uses the abbreviation CCC”.

It was submitted that the abbreviation , as notified to you as far back as September 8 2021, belongs to the political party and it’s wrong for ZEC to consider it can easily parcel it off   to another entity,”

“Particularly when that entity clearly seeks to benefit from our name and colours:our as you are aware being BLUE and YELLOW, added Zhou.

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