Bulliun’s new track takes knock on drug abuse in the ghetto

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UPCOMING Dancehall crooner, Cloudius  Machiridza popularly known as Bulliun in the entertainment circles has dropped a single track titled  “ Ndadzoka muGame “ which touches on the negative impact of drugs   on youths.

The 2 minutes 30 seconds long track which leaves first time listeners head nodding explains why it is necessary for youth to abandon drugs.

Down in the track is a part which goes…“ Kwatinotambira vese veGuka takabuka” which fuses ghetto language while encouraging the youngsters to cut off ties with drugs and drug users. The lyrical content is suitable for summertime revellers ready to go out, make new friends and pursue big dreams.

Speaking to the media recently, Bulliun said the impact of drugs in the Dancehall industry motivated him to do the track

“The local dancehall genre is dying out due to quite a number of factors but drug abuse is the main cause, so many promising upcoming artists are getting destroyed by crystal meth for instance which is a highly addictive drug.

“Due to this, they end up indulging in deviant activities like theft, public violence, risky sexual activities. The situation in the “ghetto” as far as youths are concerned is an eyesore. The lyrics are motivational, no matter how hard things may turn out to be in life, there is always light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

The artiste has previously done songs under  Cymplex Music  Brand like ,Kure kure ,Amainini ,Ari kutenga mabeer ndini  which was Wannabe riddim genre, Bata mushini, We make money, Mubate zvakanaka  and Torangarira.https://8caec1a328c3b1f627b9b1f6e4a1bfd7.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

He has also done other songs under the CHILL FOR REAL Label like Wakanyanya featuring Jah Bob, GIVENCHY records song  Mamero, Ziso rawandikandira and Me nah care.

“Going forward, I am looking forward to working on many songs which positively influence and entertain all age groups in different social societies,” added Bullion.

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