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Anxiety grips nation ahead of Chamisa’s major announcement

By Staff Writer

ANXIETY has gripped the nation following the hint by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa that he is due to make a major announcement Monday.

The popular opposition leader lost to his erstwhile contender,President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the August 2023 polls.He has since rejected the outcome and continues to challenge the sitting government’s legitimacy.

Chamisa says he was also forced to abando his political party,the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) following the ruling party Zanu-PF’s proxies interference and derailing of the party’s stability.

In the last few months, Chamisa has been on the back seat way outside active national politics before dropping a shocker Sunday afternoon.

“Convivial greetings fellow citizens. Tomorrow, I’m going to release a special statement on the resolution of the 2023 August general elections. Watch the space! God bless you.#ForEveryone #Godisinit,” he said in a social media post.

Many have taken it to social media to express mixed reactions with one of school of thought predicting that he would announce the formation of a new movement to chart his political agenda forward.

But some have speculated that the trailblazing leader will ignite the country’s masses into uprisings.

“Former CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, today threatened to entice masses into the streets. This has raised eyebrows in the security sector given that he has propensity of doing that ahead of international summits given that we are hosting SADC meeting this August… BATAI MUNHU,” said one speculator on X.

Also taking to X, the CCC self imposed secretary general,Sengeo Tshabangu denounced Chamisa’s impending actions.

” I’ll always openly say this,yes,Nelson Chamisa is my President,that will stand,but,I totally disagree with him on his ways of solving issues,violence mustn’t be taken as an option for change,instead,lets unite and have one word against all forms of violence,unity will lead us far,” he said.

But over the weekend ,Chamisa told a private daily paper that he would not resort to violence in piling pressure against Zanu-PF but would stick to peaceful and regional diplomatic pressure.

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