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Another tax measure likely as Parly plots  National Education Trust Fund Bill

By Staff Writer

CITIZENS are set to be whipped by yet another tax measure following revelations that Parliament is planning to introduce the National Education Trust Bill which risks introducing yet another tax measure.

 This is despite the fact that citizens are already reeling under pressure of a raft of tax measures which unfortunately have not met the quality of service delivery expected.

In a shocking revelation this week ,Portfolio committee chairperson Ophias Murambiwa  made the revelations.

“This Bill will help to fund what is in our schools. The budget allocation that we get from Treasury is, to some extent, not adequate to fund everything that is needed in the education system,” he said.

“Most of the money that the sector gets from Treasury goes to employment costs, so this will actually assist in the provision of quality education, improve learning and teaching materials.”

Ruwa legislator Thomas Muodzeri called on stakeholders to support the Bill, adding that it would be important for the education sector’s development, especially at early childhood development (ECD) stage.

“The Bill should be supported by everyone with a very good mindset in terms of provision of education to our learners, especially the ECD, even up to tertiary level. We have tried to plug all the loopholes in terms of abuse of the Bill in the event that it sails through,” he said.

ZINECDA national co-ordinator Kudzayi  Khosa said the Bill would ensure that children have access to education.

However, the funding mechanism of the initiative is what members of the public are yet to take note of when the Bill comes into law.

The National Social Security Authority (NSSA) is one such initiative which has not yielded much for pensioners leaving hopes on the initiative’s transparency and efficiency    in doubt.

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