Zim teachers cannot afford formal dressing due to underpayment- PTUZ

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PROGRESSIVE Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has advised educators to put on casual clothes when they turn up for duty at their respective work stations as they can no longer afford decent formal clothing.

In a statement sent out to the educators, PTUZ Secretary General, Raymond Majongwe said widespread consultations by the country’s second largest teachers union showed that teachers can no longer afford the prescribed dress code.

“Following intensive consultations with the generality of membership on dress code, comrades we are reiterating our position earlier communicated to Public Service Commission that due to serious incapacitation it is increasingly becoming difficult to adhere to the prescribed dress code when on duty,” he said in a statement.

Majongwe bemoaned the fact that unlike everyone else who is getting a dressing allowance, teachers are not getting any support in this regard.

“We have therefor taken a position to say when reporting for duty put on anything that you can afford except nudity as we cannot afford expensive dresses and suits while our stomachs are empty,” he added.

The  move comes despite government’s move which has seen a salary increase deal  of between 139.2% to 145,67% which will see the lowest paid government employee receiving $2 500 a month and the highest earning $4 631 from $1 885. The new salaries are with effect from this February.

The other rival union Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) welcomed the outcome and appealed to all members to return to work.


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