Zim blasts US for fresh sanctions renewal

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Information Secretary has criticised  the recent decision by the United States of America to extend sanctions on Zimbabwe by one more year.

In a statement released Thursday by the Information Ministry’s permanent secretary ,Nick Mangwana the administration expressed dismay over the White House decision.

“Once again ,the government of the United States has chosen to strangely characterize Zimbabwe as a country that poses an extra ordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States.We find this a baffling position,” he said.

Mangwana asked for space arguing the move will hinder Zimbabwe to freely operate and transact on the global stage like any other country.

“We don’t seek to interfere with the foreign policy or interest of any nation and we have no history of doing that. Our commitment is to the development of our country and the deli very of socio-economic outcomes to our people,” he said.

Despite earlier observations of the millitary’s involvement into the August 1 2018 killings and the last year demonstrations by the Monthlante led Commission of Inquiry, a defiant Mangwana distanced the country’s military from such acts.

“The government of Zimbabwe strongly objects to the unfounded assertion that its security forces engaged in extra-judicial killings and rape against its own citizens in the last year,” he said.

Any acts of criminality by anyone are subjected to the criminal justice processes of the country.

He said government continues to embark on a pathway to reform because it is in the best interests of the nation and on the basis that it is also necessary to align our policies and programmes with the country’s constitution.

Mangwana called on those nations wishing partner with President Mnangagwa’s plans hinged on delivering a better country for Zimbabweans to come on board.

The recent move by Washington leaves the embattled Southern Africa nation with an egg on the face after years of implementing a re-engagement policy which has not yet delivered meaningful results.

It also comes soon after a move by the European Union which also renewed sanctions against Zimbabwe calling upon Mnangagwa to undertake deeper reforms.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing the worst economic turmoil in a decade with inflation surging above an estimated 500 % and the continuous renewal of sanctions leaves the nation’s future under a cloud of uncertainty.


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