Strive Masiyiwa  rolls out Blockchain linked medical testing application

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MOBILE telecommunications tycoon Strive Masiyiwa says he has commenced the process of rolling out a mobile application which tracks every single medical test kit in a development marking the breaking of new humanitarian ground on the continent.

Sharing details on the development, Masiyiwa said the idea was born out of the crave to understand the secret behind Blockchain and Biticoin.

“Sometime last year I wrote a comment on the technologies of the future to watch. One of them was something called Blockchain, the technology used to create cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As I said at the time, I was doing some deep @Knowledge Up on Blockchain systems,” he said.

He said it took him a lot of time to really understand the technology after going through various research papers and texts on the subject matter until he recommended the setting up of a unit to study systems within the Cassava Fintech International.

This idea led to the creation of Cassava Blockchain.

Masiyiwa said the unit managed to create an application on Sasai which helped people who want to be tested enabling the sharing of results with third parties of choice using a blockchain ledger that can track every single test kit and result thereby making it impossible to fake test results.

The development has led to the launch of the Health Status Report.

“The underlying technology on our Health Status Report is Blockchain, and it works just like a BitCoin! We are so excited that we have developed a unique solution that we have instructed our lawyers to file for a patent. Meanwhile we must dash to get it to market to help as many people as possible to avoid infections,” he said.

The reputable philanthropist added that the roll out is earmarked to start first in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Burundi and Rwanda.

He added,” We hope to have it in all countries who need it by the end of July. You can use the App anywhere in the world, and we are already planning Version 2.0.”

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