President Mnangagwa needs to create the office of “Special Assistant for Politics”

By Academic Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo :

There is what we call political space. The current generation we have have a direct control in the political space. Sometimes , decisions made in the central Government are derived from the political space.

Sometimes you may be right in key decision making, and they can be simply rejected because what occupies the political space is not confined to your system. There could be some people within the system or Government who can easily mislead leaders, and giving them wrong opinions, or feeding them with wrong decisions.

I have been studying politics from 2017 till today, and in as much as the Government may do good, or try their best, they need to shape politics. Politics is shaped right from top to bottom. There are lot of issues which are evolved around political connectivity into the political space.

There is need to study the political space and see what is required at a particular time or moment. The political wave feeds into the political space to create political solutions. Some of the challenges this country is facing can be easily resolved if there is a certain context, where political confinement has been carried out before radical decisions are made.

Key questions :

1. What is a political space?

2. What is a political wave?

3. What is a political route?

4. Can political context be related to generation consensus?

5. What feeds in the political space?

Sometimes it may not be necessary for the President to be talking or to be in every place, and this is the role of Political Advisory to work on that and prevent or do damage control to protect the highest office of the land.

Which events to attend or not determined by such an office. President is a political face which must be well protected. What to say or not say is determined by the current political settings and situation. Politics is situational and it is determined by what is in the political space. Politics must leave the leader smarter.

My comprehensive analysis from 2017 – 2020, those who are around the President left him more vulnerable and exposed to the public. In 2017 , he was on top of the situation and this level was supposed to be highly maintained. Political Advisory is a key component in any administration. There is a de – link between political and advisory strategies leading to the success of the highest office on the supreme of the land.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher and he can be contacted at tinamuzala@gmail.com

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