Police blocks Zanu-pf demo against George Floyd murder

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ZIMBABWE Republic Police (ZRP) has blocked a planned demonstration by the ruling Zanu-pf party which intended to demonstrate against the murder of United States African American George Floyd.

In a letter responding to the party’s notification, ZRP officer commanding Harare Suburban District, S.Matongo turned down the request due to the ongoing Covid19 lockdown regulations.

“The above matter is pertinent.While the demonstration is for a noble cause, it contravenes section 5 (1) of SI 83 of 2020 of the Covid19 lockdown offences.Take note that gatherings of whatever purpose are prohibited during this period save for those exempted in the Statutory Instrument,” The letter says in part.

This response follows a notification letter dated June 2 2020 in which the party registered the intention to stage a demonstration against the killing of a black American George Floyd by the USA police.

It also intended to raise voices against the illegal economic sanctions and was due to be staged on June 4 2020 at the USA embassy in Harare.

The developments come shortly after the United States issued a chilling warning against Zimbabwe which was described as an “adversary trying to take advantage of the situation”.
Foreign Affairs Minister ,Sibusiso Moyo has since challenged the US for wrongly accusing Zimbabwe of any interference into Floyd’s death.

Floyd was murdered by a US police officer who has since been charged of murder.

Zanu-pf Commissar ,Victor Matemadanda has been on the forfront condemning the developments in the US and has challenged MDC-Alliance president, Nelson Chamisa to take action.

“Some boy (Chamisa) always wants to say ‘Am a phone call away from Trump’. Can he call Trump and tell him to stop killing Africans? Let him do it for us so that we know we have a big brother here who can tell Trump to be morally correct,” said Matemadanda tongue-in-cheek.

“Let us hear Chamisa today talking to the US about the butchering of black America.”

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