Mr President Mnangagwa handle the July 31 with care : You need an honest opinion !!!

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

NB : Read my article Mr . President three times !!!

Mr President, you need an honest opinion, and you certainly need people who should tell you the truth. It is so sad, that the same people who misled the old man, Mugabe, are the same people who have started feeding you with deceptive message.

You need an honest opinion, you need an independent mind, you must creat an independent opinion around you. We have the likes of Patrick Chinamasa during Mugabe era, they fed the old man with lies that the ground is intact, come 27 November, 2017, the empire collapsed, and the same Chinamasa was the first person to sing ” kutonga kwaro gamba”, and he was at Highfields stadium, on the podium, castigating Mugabe and family, and Mr. President, that’s Chinamasa for you, the Air Zimbabwe Chairperson.

Certainly you can’t blame embassies on Drax International deals, yet your own children looted RBZ and all the monies meant for Covid – 19 resources? Starting when did embassies started working at Finance Ministry? Starting when did Embassies started working for Drax International? Did embassies purchase buses at 55 000 USD in China, and later sold the buses at 250 000 USD? This is day broad light theft, and such people deserve to be on the firing squad.

The very same politburo which sat yesterday at Shake shake building, is the very same politburo which will endorse your departure. On this one, you need to go through my statement again and underline.

The very same politburo which endorsed Your departure or your dismissal as Vice President, was the same politburo, which endorsed Mugabe’s recall, and this is the same politburo which endorsed your reinstatement, and today , you are the President of this nation. Who were the politburo members? Opah Muchinguri, Obert Mpofu, Patrick Chinamasa, Monica Mutsvangwa, Chris and others, whilst they are busy clapping hands for you in that tall building, downstairs they will be saying ” we are tired, something must happen”. This is the nature of politicians, and this is the nature of Chimurenga guys.

You can’t blame all our problems on embassies? Did embassies loot the 60 Million covid – 19 resources? Did embassies loot the 4.5 billion for Command Agriculture? Did embassies produce fake invoices for Drax International, goods which were donated by Namibian and South African Government? Should we blame all problems on foreign and super powers, when the problem is an internal issue? Today, I just thought the 60 Million USD could have gone to Cushion civil servants. Did embassies lie that we are making a 75 USD deposit for all civil servants, yet the same Government is broke?

Can you really talk of peace building, and yet someone is going for three days with a proper meal? Can you really talk of peace building when someone is walking from town to Kambuzuma? Can you really talk of peace building, when someone is getting 1200 RTGs? Can you really talk of peace building, when the First Lady is the Ambassador of Health Ministry? And at the same time, the same Ambassador, is found dipping her hands in the Drax International and Pharmaceutical NAT company?

Who then is provoking the peace of the entire nation? Mr President, you need honest opinion around you, and stop deceiving yourself that everything is normal, anger is strongly building on the ground. What is left for our children? What is left for our grandchildren? Today, the land between the National sports stadium and Longchen, was reserved for Wetland , and we see a post written the first lady’s name, and my question is what then is left for all citizens?

Let me reiterate, the July 31 event, has nothing to do with opposition and civic society, my opinion is just the povo is simply endorsing on a project that is agitated from within. The situation on the ground is explosive if you do not handle it with proper care. Sometimes, it’s not necessary to crush the discerning voices, and yet we have families which needs food on the table. It is their constitutional right and obligation to demonstrate against the corruption involving the first family and other untouchable cahoots within the Government.

Let me make this point clear, this is an embodiment and embarrassment, where we are now, when the whole State President has an obligation to fire corrupt ministers, and why are you protecting them? My advice is allow the constitutional right of citizens to be addressed, and forces are not external, but they are from within, and those who are feeding you with information, are telling you things which you want to hear. Remember, Chipanga, he made it clear on the same Zanu PF Headquarters, reminded people that we are ready to defend the President at all cost, and he will be the last line of defence, and what happened on the 27th of November, 2017? He was wearing an apology Jersey !!!

The situation on the ground is unbearable !!!

The July 31, whether successful or not, IT HAS SERIOUS POLITICAL INDICATORS !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST , and he can be contacted at zimstrategicthinking@gmail.com.

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