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Mnangagwa unveils US$100 million prestigious Millennium Park

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa Monday unveiled a US$100 million prestigious Millenium Park property in the leafy suburb of Borrowdale.

The project was undertaken by WestProp Holdings and contains 86 unit blocks of apartments.

The company honored Mnangagwa by naming the property ED Block at an event to officially open the Park.

Currently, a total 1 000 apartments which include shopping mall, office blocks and other social amenities will be constructed to complete the live, work, shop and play theme are currently under construction.

The WestProp Group is championing the markets shaking projects under the ‘Bring Dubai to Zimbabwe” objective.

Addressing delegates at the high level event, WestProp CEO, Ken Sharpe said the Millenium Heights Project is yet another milestone achievement.

“Today marks a very important day in our milestone achievements. We are breaking ground for the construction of Millennium Heights Block 4 luxury apartments and we continue to move towards achieving our 0ne billion brick vision by 2050.

“President Mnangagwa  as “a listening President and allowing businesses and investors to feel secure about the continued use of the multi-currency regime.

“The extension to 2030 has given us confidence and a renewed resolve to commit more resources to help develop Zimbabwe. If I may say so Mr President, this will secure your legacy to make Zimbabwe an upper middle-income country. Sevana veZimbabwe tichavaka nyika kusvika zvanaka,” he said.

Sharpe said his ambition as a loyal Zimbabwean is to bring the beauty we see elsewhere back home in what the dream is to see Harare’s skyline compete with what we see in places like Dubai, London and Singapore.

“Last month I was in Kyiv Ukraine and was quite amazed at the number of new world-class skyscrapers that are being built, and if a country that is at war with Russia can do it then why can’t we?”.

He said WestProp is working to make “our precincts 24-hour cities where life reverberates around the clock”.

he new block which ranks as the best apartment building to date in Zimbabwe is almost 50 percent sold out before the first brick has been laid.

It has six levels comprising 86 units on cascading floors. The units are composed of studio apartments to 3-bedroom apartment units.

The apartments have sectional title, reticulated back-up borehole water, central and reticulated liquefied petroleum gas, solar energy and grey water collection. 

One of the key features of our blocks is the existence of abundant openings and a skylight, allowing natural light to penetrate, thus diminishing the need for artificial illumination. This design feature not only accentuates sustainability but also contributes to a healthier living environment.  A distinctive feature of Blocks 3 and 4 is the incorporation of vertical gardens. These living installations not only beautify the architecture but also foster a connection with nature, enriching the lives of our residents. There is emphasis on sustainability that transcends aesthetics. The buildings are designed to encourage the use of stairs over mechanical elevators, thanks to thoughtful layout and design

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