Mnangagwa orders top officials to declare assets amid heightening poverty

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has ordered top officials in his government to urgently declare their assets in a move aimed at ensuring equality in the distribution of wealth and curbing corruption.a

A press statement issued Thursday by the chief secretary to the President and Cabinet, Doctor Misheck Sibanda , revealed the next course of action.

“It will be recalled that in his inaugural address on 24th of November 2017, his Excellency the President made and undertaking to create a transparent and accountable Public Service workforce that is sworn to high moral standards and deserved rewards,” the statement said.

Sibanda said over the ensuing period, the president has consistently called for strict adherence to the fundamental tenets for good corporate governance.

“In line with the new thrust, it has come mandatory for all ministers, deputy ministers, heads of ministries, senior principal directors, board chairpersons and board members of state enterprises and parastatals  , Chief Executive Officers of State Enterprises , all chairpersons and members of Constitutional Commissions both executive and Independent and chief executives of local authorities to submit a written declaration of their assets,” he said in the statement.

The declaration of assets document should is expected to contain the following: Details of immovable property owned by the Public Servant, or those on which he or she has an interest, any property exceeding US$100 000 in value or leased by the individual concerned in which he or she has any interest.

There is also the need to declare any business in which the individual has an interest in which he or she plays a part in running.

The declaration is supposed to be submitted in a sealed envelope to the undersigned by no later than February 28 2018.

Head of ministries are hereby directed to coordinate the collection and submission of all declarations   in respect of the designated grades within their ministries as well as public entities, and constitutional bodies under their purview.

However , political watchers the have dismissed the move alleging it is aimed at achieving political objectives under guise of corruption cleansing since the known corrupt bigwigs have never been taken to task.

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