Manicaland’s A ‘Level 25 pointer seeks university fees assistance


A Chitakatira Rural Government Secondary School “A” Level student, Brendon Gwidibira, is the talk of the whole community and surrounding villages after he came out with 25 points, the highest ever to have been scored at any rural secondary school in Manicaland province.

Gwidibira wrote five subjects in 2019, and scored five A’s in Accounts, Business Studies, Geography, Pure Mathematics and Statistics.

The wonder kid, who walked eight kilometres every day to and from school, would spend the night at the school classrooms alone, reading and track home in the wee hours of the morning.

“Since we do not have electricity at home, I would spend the whole night at school reading, and go home around 4am to prepare for school which would be starting in a few hours.
“My one wish is to get into a prestigious university and study actuarial sciences, but my parents cannot afford that as they are both unemployed and have other children that are solely dependent on them,” he said.

Gwidibira comes from a poor family and has FACT, a non-governmental organisation to thank for paying for his tuition and exam fees but the organisation cannot fund his tertiary education. The high flier added that he studied hard and devoted a lot of time to his studies after seeing the sacrifices that the school and FACT were making on his behalf.
“I made a promise that I will not fail FACT, my school or my parents as I felt challenged to do my best,” said the genius.

The headmaster of Chitakatira Secondary School, Mr Michael Mapaura, had this to say about Gwidibira: “We are all very excited. Brendon did us proud. At ‘O’ Level, he came out with nine As and one C, and now he comes out with 25 points at ‘A’ Level. It’s just amazing but I am not surprised because the young man is a hard worker and he actually wanted to do Sciences but at the moment we are not offering that.”
Gwidibira’s wish was to study Actuarial Sciences or Accountancy at any renowned university in or outside the country.

“I am appealing to well-wishers as well as the business community to assist in any way possible so that I can pursue my education,” he said.

His former teacher, Mrs Susan Mavudzi, said the boy was on BEAM assistance until he got adopted by FACT for his Advanced Level education.

She appealed to Zimbabweans to give a helping hand so that Gwidibira pursues his dream of going to university and study Actuarial Sciences.

“As a result of his zeal to work extra hard in his studies, FACT saw it fit that they adopt him during his Advanced Level education and we are so proud of what he has achieved as he has also lifted the school’s flag high in the district and even nationally,” said Mrs Ma- vudzi.

His poor parents together with the school made sacrifices for him to keep going to school even from a tender age, which gave him the enthusiasm to work extra hard in his studies, she added.

Those willing to assist Brandon Gwidibira, can contact his mother, Ms Greatwin Kanyemba on 0775550612 or his father, Mr Peter Gwidibira on 0773763101.

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