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Japanese envoy concludes three year mission to Zim

By Staff Writer

JAPANESE Ambassador Satoshi Tanaka’s three year mission to Zimbabwe has ended on a high note with a commitment to upscale trade and diplomatic co-operation between the two nations.

Speaking to the media shortly after meeting His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa Friday , the top envoy said discussions centered around   agriculture, education and diplomatic co-operation.

“I reported to him about our new project on rice production .The First Lady visited Japan last year and she invited one very important expert in rice production to Zimbabwe and he is now trying to promote and experiment one very how we can further grow rice here.

“I think its very promising and I reported on the results of his reseach and the President said it’s very promising.

“We discussed that we continue to strengthen our co-operation and collaboration in the future.That is a very important area,” said Tanaka.

The diplomat said Zimbabwe’s participation at the World Expo 2025 to be held in Osaka, as well as its participation at the Tokyo International Conference African Development , will further cement relations between the two countries.

In addition  to the Osaka Expo 2025, he said there will be another important meeting that is the TICAD meeting in 2025 and of course the Government to Government co-operation is very importan , which  is fundamental for the market.

“I really hope that more Japanese companies are interested in visiting and hopefully investing in the Zimbabwe market.I also hope that  Zimbabwean businesses are interested in the Japanese market and are promoting their industry of trade,” added Tanaka.

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