International property expert commits to market Brand Zimbabwe

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INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed property expert has committed to market Brand Zimbabwe amid calls for other local companies and the Civil Society Organizations to follow suit.

The WestProp Holdings Limited board chairman, Dr Louis Michael was speaking to The Humanitarian Post Tuesday when he shared how he has come to appreciate the vast opportunities and the conducive business environment prevailing in the country.

He said his company was perfectly enjoying the benefits of a conducive operating environment having announced a turnover of $11,7 million,  $2,7 million net profit with a project pipeline approved for next year of $147 million excluding the proposed Mall of  Zimbabwe.

“I mention all this because I believe that it is high time that Zimbabwe is marketed to international companies and funders because I do not doubt the vast opportunities existing in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Louis underscored that there is a misplaced perception of the economy in Zimbabwe abroad which needs to be changed and that needs to change as he complemented President Emmerson Mnangagwa for placing the portfolio of Investment Promotion under the Finance Minister.

“The country’s story needs to be told. It is the good story which sales the potential. I am committing our company to preach the good story of Zimbabwe within and beyond Africa. I haven’t seen any Zimbabwean Company or Corporate leaders who are prepared to stand up at international platforms promoting Brand Zimbabwe.

“The country’s story needs to be told. It is the story which sales the potential.We are ready to do that,” he said.

He hailed the authorities for having come a very long way in working  with the Private Sector and providing a conducive environment for business which recently saw the government extending the US$ usage to 2030.

“I am very pleased to say that we will soon announce strategic relationships with three International Strategic Investors. The trio is prepared to not only invest with us but also to develop this country through skills transfer,” Louis said.

He said the investors are some of Africa’s ,Europe’s and the Middle East  best promoters of  Construction  and Finance who will leave a lasting legacy of infrastructure and skills transfer in the country.

In a related development early this week, President Emmerson Mnangagwa implored Real Estate sector players to emulate the WestProp group  innovation style and keenness to contribute towards the country’s development.

“On its part, my Government will continue to implement measures that ensure a conducive operating environment, including the provision of the requisite support from both line Ministries and Local Authorities.

“Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to engage with all the 92 local authorities in our country at a landmark indaba, towards building consensus around the growth and modernisation of our cities and towns as well as the expectations of my Administration with regards to service deliver,” said Mnangagwa.

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