Harare City Council says state behind demolitions

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UNDER fire Harare City Council (HCC) says President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s command is behind the demolitions of stalls used by informal traders in Mbare as the decision has nothing to do with the local authority.

In a message recently sent out to residents , the HCC mayor Herbert Gomba said allegations being levelled by citizens against the local authorities alleging that they are behind the demolitions are false and unfounded.

“it has come to our caucus that some are making false allegations that council has demolished some illegal vending structures. However, in an emergency situation government assumes control over security matters and therefore according to the Statutory Instrument promulgated by government all matters including hospitals were taken over by the state .

“The command and whatever is happening has nothing to do with council as elected because council doesn’t supervise the state ,” he said.

Gomba said when council tried to stop the demolitions they were told by government they are infringing Acts of parliament in emergency situations.

Videos of earth moving machines destroying vendors stalls have flooded the social media leaving many citizens questioning the rationale behind such actions at a time when all economic activities in the country have been disactivated as the nation continues on a five weeks lockdown to combat the spread of Covid19.

Currently, most Zimbabweans survive on selling wares informally following years of poor economic policies under the Zanu-pf led governments which have seen many companies closing down and unemployment levels spiraling out of control.

The Southern Africa nation’s 95 % of the working population is found in the informal sector where the earnings are generally survivalist.

However, the Zanu-pf led government perceives HCC to be taking advantage of their political influence to prop up supporters who normally get operating space in return for opposition political support.

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