Govt recruits untrained Maths and Science teachers as shortges deepen

By Staff Reporter

THE Zimbabweans government has moved to allow the recruitment of untrained Science and Maths teachers on the back of deepening shortages crippling the nation.

A letter written by the PSC secretary Rosemary Tsitsi Choruma-Dozwa lifted the requirement for such teachers to posess a Education qualifications.

“It has been noted that the ministry is facing challenges in finding candidates to fill Advanced Level posts to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology,” she said.

“Please be advised that the Public Service Commission hereby grants the ministry authority to deploy university graduates with degrees in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology without pedagogy as Advanced Level teachers.

“The provincial and district recruitment committees should select members without pedagogy from the Public Service Commission recruitment database to fill the Advanced Level posts giving first priority to candidates who registered earlier.”

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