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EJWP says bad economic policies causing youth drug abuse

By Staff Writer

ECONOMIC Justice for Women Project (EJWP) has criticized government for fueling drug abuse due to unyielding economic policies which have left impoverished desperate youths with no choice except to abuse drugs.

 In a statement, EJWP executive director, Margaret Mutsamvi said despite the fact that youth constitute   67,7% of its 13 million total populations with the majority being young women. The contemporary status of young women in Zimbabwe reflects the interrelated increased socio-economic inequality gap.

“The minimal focus on corruption and partisan abuse of power in public resources distribution and use has impacted the provision of adequate social service delivery , which reflects the socio-economic inequality gap .

“Consequently, we are reminded of the dire impact of Covid19 on young women’s vain efforts towards economic independence .

“This has led to a rise in unemployment levels and rapid of violence abuse and returns fail to cater for young people basic needs, resulting in higher levels of stress desperation and anxiety,” she said.

Mutsamvi stressed that these developments have resulted in increased levels of alcohol, drug and substance abuse as coping mechanisms.

Official records claim that drug abuse prevalence stands is at 57% among young people in Zimbabwe    

“We therefore call upon government to cement advocacy efforts by the women’s movement and enhance socio-economic security for young women.

“There is also need to amplify and implement calls for social economic support from young people in Zimbabwe, particularly vulnerable groups .The Ministry should push to strengthen young women participation in all development processes to ensure they are inclusive , democratic and counter issues on the ground,” she said.

Mutsamvi added that there is need to strengthen psycho-social support by establishing friendly institutions environments and support networks at community level.


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