Drought torn Silobela ravaged by 21 days lockdown

THE three weeks long national lock down has pushed the Silobela community to the edges of hunger adding already existing burdens brought about by  a scorching drought which hit their area last year.

Despite having been on lock down for less than a week ,the community says hunger has struck them left , right and centre.

The Member of Parliament for the area , Mthokozisa Manoki Mpofu, said aid has not yet reached his people..

“Red Cross failed to distribute food aid last month due to challenges which were not made known to us and they said they will resume food aid distribution during the second week of April.

“This has had devastating effects on vulnerable households which cannot afford to buy maize meal or grain,” the legislator said, adding, “hunger is serious and a reality in all wards.”

The lockdown, Manoki said, has worsened the situation in the drought ravaged rural area.

“Food Insecurity in the area is very real as people have been relying on buying maize grain from sellers coming from Gokwe at USD $5 or RTGS$170.

“Now because of the lockdown, there is no maize grain being sold and households are entirely starving.”

To complicate matters, because of restrictions in business operational hours, most people are failing to secure basic commodities due to long distances they have to travel to Crossroads. By the time they reach the centre, the shops would be closed already.


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