Covid19 claims almost 200 000 lives globally out of 3 million cases

Globally, there are now over 2,721,000 total confirmed cases of Covid-19 and more than 191,000 deaths reported.

The growing number of asymptomatic cases and the possibility of people remaining positive for the virus even after a recovery, are of international concern, as many countries seek to end the lock-downs and resume economic activity as the spread of the virus declines.

Ecuador has emerged has having one of the worst Covid-19 infection rates in Latin America. Officials in Ecuador reports that the current case count and deaths are still low compared to the reality due to lack of widespread testing.

Although the situation has become alarming in the majority of the world populations, data over the past two weeks suggest encouraging signs in few of the hardest-hit European countries (Spain, Italy, and France) by a drop and thereafter a declining or stabilized trend in the number of new confirmed cases and deaths.

The US, the epicenter of the infection, has reported nearly 50,000 deaths and over 880,000 confirmed cases which is nearly one-third of the confirmed cases of Covid-19 globally.

Lizzy Sunny, Practice Head, Epidemiology, GlobalData, Hyderabad

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