Covid19 cases still at 28 as Gogo Nguni’s case details emerge

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Health Ministry has reported that Covid19 cases are still standing at 28 after all the 65 outstanding results tested negative.

The 831 cases tests done Wednesday all tested negative giving a total of  4 990 screening and dignostic tests done to date.

Case #26 reported Tuesday  is a 49 years old resident of Harare who recently returned from the United Kingdom.He is symptomatic with mild to moderate disease and he is receiving medical management under mandatory isolation.

Case# 27 reported yesterday was an 82 years old female resident of Mhondoro who had no history of recent travel or any known conduct with a Covid19 case she was reportedly well until the 16th of April 2020  when she reported Flue like symptoms with chest symptoms.

She received medical treatment with an antibiotic and analgesia and the symptoms reportedly improved.However, her condition deteriorated on the 19th of April 2020 and she was ferried to Harare and admitted in a hospital in Harare on the 20th of April 2020.

On admission the managing clinicians   suspected Covid19 and immediately isolated her and called in the local Rapid Response Team for assessment and sample collection, sadly she deceased on the 21st of April 2020, giving us a total of four Covid19 related deaths  reported to date.

Case #28 also reported yesterday is a 25 year old male resident of Harare who recently returned for the United Kingdom. He is symptomatic with mild disease and is recovering under mandatory isolation.

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