Chiwenga says Green Fuel ethanol project to produce 220 million litres of fuel

By Staff Writer

VICE president Constantino Chiwenga says the Green Fuel Expansion phase in Chisumbanje will add 220 more million litres of fuel which will go a long way to augment supplies in the country.

He made the remarks while addressing thousands of the ruling Zanu-pf party supporters in Manicaland  Sunday.

“Green Fuel will also produce sugar cane on a 24 000 hectare land and ethanol fuel amounting to 220 million litres per year.These are some of the projects that we are working on in order to ensure development in the country,” he said.

The second in charge revealed plans  to spruce up Osborne Dam, approximately 35 km from Mutare so as to improve irrigation and electricity generation.

He said that there are various projects being spearheaded by government to secure employment opportunities for young people in Manicaland province.

“These jobs includes Feruka Gas project in Mutare which is aimed at increasing the production of hydrogen and medical oxygen. Right now there are various countries seeking for our medical oxygen hence youths will benefit from employment opportunities.

“We have green house project, farms owned by ARDA Katiyo where avocados, macadamia nuts are produced.These farming projects will help uplifting livelihood of farmers and residents in Mutasa district.

“We have Allied Timbers milling plant which will widen job opportunities for timber farmers in Chimanimani,” he added.

Zanu PF has over the past years been chided for failing to meet promises it made in the run up to 2018 elections.

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