Chamisa ‘ s appointments are strategic for political narrative & survival

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

Appointments made by Nelson Chamisa are meant to  to put the judiciary under spotlight.

These appointments were strategic, to strengthen Chamisa ‘ s MDC Alliance to try and over turn the court rulings. The judge will then have to find another route which could attract more political and legal hurdles.

I’m simply going to pick a few characters for my analysis and giving my own views concerning the latest developments in the opposition movement. In politics you have to be way ahead of your nemesis and competitors, and it is a game, and you must always be on top of it.

I went through the appointments which the Former Kuwadzana legislator and MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa, and it was relatively good for political checks and balances. He has roped in David Chimhini, the former Manicaland Chairman, and he was rewarded with a Deputy Secretary General post, which is very strategic considering that he was at one time viewed to be fighting in Douglas Mwonzora’ s corner, and this is meant to weaken his rivalry and at the same time, strengthening his Manicaland support base.

We have Fadzai Mahere, who has been moved from Education portfolio to Communication, literary she is now the spokeswoman of the party, on Fadzai Mahere I think she is strategic for the position.

Remember we are living in the 21 st century, and in the modern day world, you need people with political capital, you need someone who is appealing to the political market, I know some may be of the view that she joined the party recently, but you must understand that political institutions are now strategic for commercial branding. Fadzai Mahere, an Advocate, she is very intelligent and a competitor on the political market. Our political space is polarized, it needs someone who is appealing to the market.

He has moved his loyalists, Jameson Timba for Presidential affairs after experiencing some few challenges with the out – going Morgan Komichi. I think he has decided to deploy loyalists ahead of experienced cadres in most strategic positions.

In short, all these appointments are strategic, considering that MDC Alliance is facing political battles, this eas meant to avert a split and also strengthening the party ahead of political battles.

If you look at some of the guys who have been given strategic positions, it’s to close any avenues of either jumping the ship or averting a possible split. Those who have been viewed to be fighting in Mwonzora’ s corner have been rewarded with top positions. This is how politics goes, it is a game, and you must be strategic.

The latest appointments could also be a sign that he is still in charge and he could be trying to prove a point to his rivalry that he is still in control of the Opposition and meant to weaken Mwonzora camp. It may now be difficult to see people jumping the ship or defecting to Douglas Mwonzora ‘ s camp after being rewarded with top positions.

There were sensational claims that Chamisa is eroding the old generation, those who started the movement, and he was picking the new kids on the political market, and he has proved his nemesis wrong by deploying the old guard and Tsvangirai loyalists, the likes of Ian Makone who has been appointed Secretary for Elections, Sesel Zvidzai , Local Government, and his long time ally, Murwisi Zwizai , and it will be difficult for the old guard to jump the ship to Mwonzora ‘ s camp.

In conclusion, he is trying to balance and provide checks and balances. There has been uproar on the ground concerning the visibility of the Opposition and he has moved in to maintain the visibility of the party.

He is also reminding his rivals that he is still there, he still controls a large stake in the opposition movement. Those who were viewed to be in Mwonzora ‘ s camp have been rewarded with top positions which makes it difficult for them to switch on to the other camp considering that they are facing serious challenges on attracting numbers.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is a Policy Advisor and Researcher and he is also the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking ( ZIST), and can be contacted at tinamuzala@gmail.com

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