38 % Zimbos undereducated for their jobs – ILO

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A total 38 % of Zimbabwe’s populace are in jobs which they are underqualified to be in, a recent publication by the International Labour Organisation’s leading source of statistics (ILOSTAT) has revealed.

According to the documents, the Southern Africa nation is among the group of low income countries with high numbers of people who are undereducated.

“Zimbabwe’s share of over educated 13 % and share of under educated 38%,” the document said.

The trends statistics are not different from trends among the regional neighboring countries.

Zambia which is in the lower middle income economy has 14% of its workforce overeducated with 39 % being undereducated.

Other three regional counterparts classified as upper middle income economy like Botswana has 12 % overeducated and 48 % undereducated with Namibia having 17 % overeducated and 48 % undereducated.

Sustaining the same trend is South Africa which has 30% overeducated and 21% undereducated.

“Under-education is more common and more serious in low-income countries than elsewhere, while over-education is more prevalent in high-income countries.The ten countries with the highest share of workers in mismatch by educational level are all either low income or lower-middle income,” ILOSTAT said.


Overall, more than 935 million workers in the world have jobs that don’t match their educational level: 72% of them (677 million) are under-educated for their jobs, while the remaining 28% (258 million) are over-educated.

This survey covers 114 countries, which means that the actual global figures are probably much higher.



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