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VP Mohadi in Malawi for bilateral talks

By Staff Writer

Vice President Kembo Mohadi is currently in Malawi on a three days long State Visit aimed at strengthening ties between the two nations.

Mohadi was received by an ensemble of dignitaries among them, Zimbabwean Ambassador to Malawi Dr. Nancy Saungweme and her Malawian counterpart, Dr. Mwayiwayo Polepole, alongside Malawi’s Deputy Minister of Health, Halima Daud, marked the beginning of a series of engagements poised to deepen bilateral relations.

The itinerary for VP Mohadi and his entourage includes more than just high-level discussions. A visit to the Griffins Saenda Sports Complex is on the cards, suggesting a keen interest in exploring avenues for cooperation in sports and recreation, a vital component of youth engagement and cultural exchange.

Similarly, the scheduled tour to Mtalimanja fisheries opens a window to the potential for agricultural collaboration, hinting at shared interests in sustainable food production and economic development.

These visits encapsulate the essence of diplomacy that reaches out to touch the daily lives of citizens, fostering goodwill and understanding on a foundation of shared interests and mutual benefit.

“The discussions between Zimbabwean and Malawian officials, set against the backdrop of shared cultural and economic ties, underscore a commitment to solidarity and cooperation that transcends borders.

“As VP Mohadi navigates through his engagements in Lilongwe, the underlying message is clear: in unity, there is strength. By fostering closer relations, Zimbabwe and Malawi are not only enhancing their bilateral ties but also contributing to the broader tapestry of African unity and resilience,” sources in Malawi said.

The visit, though brief, is a testament to the enduring spirit of African diplomacy, where relationships are nurtured with a long-term vision for prosperity and mutual support.

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