Mnangagwa sees ZiG as the emerging gamechanger; but citizens cry foul

By Staff Writer

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has expressed optimism on the positive impact set to be exerted by the recently incepted Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency at a time when the majority of citizens remain skeptical.

Addressing the 122nd Ordinary Session of the Zanu-PF Central Committee meeting at the party’s headquarters Saturday, Mnangagwa expressed excitement over the new instument.

“Last week I led the unprecedented opening of our national vaults and launch of our new structured gold backed currency , the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG).This follows the resolve and bold decision by the Second Republic to back our currency against our gold and strategic mineral reserves.

“Our resources are being leveraged on to guarantee sustainable economic independence , sovereignty and prosperity of our great motherland,Zimbabwe,” he said.
He underscored the transformational potential of ZiG , calling for its widespread acceptance and adoption.

He said the unprecedented opening of the national vaults and the launch of the new structured currency demonstrates the Second Republic’s resolve to secure the country’s future through its vast gold and strategic mineral reserves.

“The membership and communities in general should be well briefed on this new transformational development.

“People centred developmental targets must be set , right from ward level, towards growing our district , provincial and ultimately the national GDP .Economic related departments of the party across all levels should give active support in this regard,” he said.

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