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Job Sikhala launches Operation Vhuserere/Imvuselelo

By Agencies/Staff Writer

Zimbabwean veteran political activist Job Sikhala has launched a new civic organisation, Operation Vhuserere/Imvuselelo, to further a “mass democratic struggle” for freedom, refrom and prosperity.

In a statement, Sikhala, a former opposition CCC and MDC MP – said the National Democratic Working Group (NDWG) of the organisation has launched the new group after nationwide consultations.

“This is a programme whereby everyone wherever you are is the carrier and preacher of the message of the people’s programme,” the statement said.

It said the NDWG is essentially a grassroots programme to “restore the mass democratic struggle to its owners who are the people”.

“The masses and the people of Zimbabwe are going to take their position at the centre of the struggle.

“The mass democratic struggle belongs to the people, and the people must be at the centre of every decision in the execution of our struggle.

“Every decision in the prosecution of the struggle shall come from the masses of our people. Our struggle had been derailed through the exclusion of our people in crucial decision-making processes in the prosecution of the struggle.”

The statement added:

“Every Zimbabwean and members of the movement are tasked to be the preacher of this liberation message everywhere and to everyone, every time.

“We are now all the preachers. Everyone in the movement is a preacher to convert everyone to be part and parcel of the next decisive phase of our struggle.

“Don’t be left behind. Be a preacher. Be the career of  the message of hope and freedom to the nation. This movement is a home for everyone.”

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