Injured Army Recruit Appeals For Financial Assist To Undergo Surgery

A 23-year-old Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) recruit who was discharged from service after sustaining a fractured leg while on military training is appealing for financial assistance to undergo an urgent surgical operation (sequestrum).

Fortune Tshuma, who joined the army as a general duty soldier on April 2017 intake 33A -01-17, sustained the complicated fracture on the right femur while doing military training at LLeuellin Military Barracks, now Lookout Masuku Barracks in July 2017.

Following the injury, Tshuma was taken to Mpilo Central Hospital where a specialist performed a surgical operation and inserted a K-nail.

The army paid for all his medical expenses at the time but later became uncooperative after the removal of K-nail in September 2018.

Tshuma narrated his nightmare  this week at his parents’ home in Bulawayo’s Magwegwe West high-density suburb.

“Due to the complications caused by the foreign body (K-nail), I am not fully healed till now. There is a surgical operation (sequestrum) I have to undergo of which last time I confirmed in November 2019, it costs RTG$ 57 416.

“To my surprise, when I presented this cost to the organisation, the reply was a discharge from the organisation,” he said.

Tshuma, whose infected wound is now continuously oozing puss, accused his former employer of discharging him without presenting his matter before the army medical board as per procedure.

“The army medical board was supposed to determine the degree of my injury and work out my compensation before dismissing me since I was still on medical treatment.

“I am failing to make a living due to this injury. It gives me limitations when I work hard. In essence, I am still a young man and all my life has been ruined by this injury.

“I feel the pain of the operation. More of my survival skills are based on hard labour but due to this injury, I am bound to that.

“Before I was attested, qualified ZNA doctors examined me and approved that I was fit to join the organisation,” said Tshuma while grimacing with pain.

His mother now does every physical task for him.

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