Harare moves to end past mayhem; set to implement good corporate governance code

By Staff Writer

HARARE City Council (HCC) is set to revamp its modus operandi by rolling a Good Corporate Governance Code across the local authority in a bid to up the ante in service delivery.

The local authority has sustained a record of bad management practices which has left may citizens associating the former with a lackadaisical working culture across its departments.

But speaking to the HCC interview panelists this week Acting Chamber Secretary, Warren Chiwawa revealed plans to unveil Good Corporate Governance policy which will be cascaded within the local authority.

“Corporate governance is well understood within the HCC but has been lacking proper documentation in that area. However, we recently came with a draft Corporate Governance handbook which will be taken to the HR Committee and the rest of Council soon.

“We will start with sensitization program so that the Council is apprised of this. We also have the code of ethics. It’s there but not really in black and white,” he said.

Quizzed on whether conflict is healthy in any organization during the interviews, Chiwawa said indeed conflict was a good ingredient for a well-functioning organization but maintained that it has to be positive.

“Conflict is healthy and what’s not healthy is destructive conflict. We have Standard Operating Procedures SOPs in Conflict management. We also have ensured that we abide by the relevant laws, SOPs standing procedures and legislation. So conflict is better handled by way of complying with relevant legislation and policies,” he added.

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