Cost of living crisis; govt floats US$50 salary increment

By Staff Writer

IN the wake of spiraling cost of living owing to a cocktail of excruciating tax measures which have pushed the working class into abject poverty, government has conceded to a parltry US$50 increment.

Details gathered by the Humanitarian Post indicate that a few strides have been met so far to afford the struggling government workers a salary rise.

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) Cecilia Alexander confirmed the latest figures.

“We had a fruitful meeting with the employer .Indexation of the local currency component to the prevailing exchange rate is a testimony that the government is now committed to keeping the value of workers salary.

“On top of that , a raise to US$320 is a positive move towards what we want.However , from what we agreed , we will still be sitting soon so that we iron out what is left out because our position is to ensure that the employer raises the salary to afford the worker a decent lifestyle, affording all the basics
She said she was pushing for the latest adjustment to be backdated to January this year.
“We want to push for a backdated payment to January 1 2024 so that the employees recover what was lost for the past months due to inflation.For now the employer cited that revenuew are still low but promised to improve the salaries in line with our requests,” she said.

However, even after the latest salary increments , the fate of civil servants remain dire leaving many struggling to sustain the upkeep of their families.

The tax measures introduced in last year’s National Budget have just forced the business community to push down costs to the last man on the ground prompting a right round spate of price increased at a time when many are not earning as much.

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