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Chinese miner displaces 40 families in Murambinda

By Agencies

Forty families from Tagarira and Mukwasi Villages in Buhera, Manicaland where last year moved from their ancestral lands, to pave way for lithium mining by Sabi Star Mine, owned by Max Mind Investments, a subsidiary of Chinese giant Shenzhen Chengxin Lithium Group Company Ltd. 

 The majority settled at Murambinda Town, where the company built five-roomed houses for them.

An investigation by a local private weekly  established that the majority are living in poverty after their livelihoods were disrupted by the relocation.

They believe they were abandoned by the government and traditional leaders, who allowed them to be exploited by Max Minds, which they say has built sub-standard houses, desecrated graves and failed to fulfill its commitments.


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