Chamisa decries shrinking democratic space; says Zim now a one family state

By Staff Writer

OPPOSITION leader Adv Nelson Chamisa has bemoaned Zimbabwe’s shrinking democratic space in a development he says Zimbabwe has just been turned into a one family state system.

The remarks resonates with concerns from one section of society which has accused the current political establishment of being dominated by the First Family and its associates.

“Anybody must support their own party. Changing political parties must be like having one government after the other. Just like in Ghana, just like in Botswana. Let us change political parties like we are changing diapers not to have this thing where it like taboo, a one-party State.

“We must have a multiparty State. Infact, we have even gone further. We are worse off, it is no longer a one-party State, it is a one-man State, one family State. That cannot be. We must not have that, we can’t be that,” said Chamisa.

As the country celebrated its 44th Independence anniversary last Thursday, Chamisa said Zimbabweans have not yet gained independence on various fronts as the majority is entrapped in poverty.

“Independence must be about our dignity. There is no independence when you are naked. There is no independence when you have nothing to your name. We must create wealth as a nation.

“We must regain our status amongst the family of nations. Independence cannot be independence when millions of Zimbabweans are scattered everywhere, dotted around the capitals of the world seeking employment, opportunities and greener pastures. Independence must have a new meaning,” said the charismatic 45-year-old politician-cum-advocate.

“Zimbabweans are suffering and any public address that does not speak to the suffering of Zimbabweans and acknowledge that citizens are suffering is deceitful, delusional and mendacious,” he added.

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