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CBZ Foundation set to transform lives

By Staff Writer

THE recently launched CBZ Holdings Foundation is set to transform lives among the vulnerable groups of Zimbabwean nation.

So far CBZ Holdings Limited (CBZHL) is the largest banking institution by assets and deposits but has not only remained stark focussed on profit making, instead taking time to pay back to the communities.    

In a recent update, CBZHL chairman, Marc Holtzman said the group takes a holistic approach towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its business activities to ensure a positive impact in the communities it does business in.

“During the first half of 2023, CBZ Holdings launched the CBZ Foundation (CBZF) in March 2023 which seeks to extend contribution to national development in the areas of health, education and vulnerable groups.

“The Group continued promoting sporting excellence in Zimbabwe by hosting the CBZ Annual Marathon. Over 2000 runners from all over the nation competed in the various races,” he said.

The Foundation envisions to transform Zimbabwean lives through availing economic opportunities and embracing humanity guided by the mission of improving  the lives of children the youth and communities through support of sustainable efforts to advance education, promote health and reduce poverty.

On the Health objective, the foundation intends to enable better physical and mental health to generate a sense of well-being that motivates greater social involvement through: – Preventative care at community and household levels. – Nutrition education. – Health promotion and capacity building. – Emergency disaster response.

There are also plans to revamp the Education   and Vulnerability.

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